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Jeggings are the perfect cross between leggings and jeans, simple as that! They have the best of both worlds: they seems like skinny jeans but they fit as comfortable as leggings. Aren’t you convinced by now? So, keep reading for more reasons why to get one or two jeggings.


Reason 1: Tightness
From season to season skinny jeans become tighter and tighter. Like you were wrapped from the waist down in this firm fabric, almost unable to breathe or sometimes to sit properly. Until one day designers came up with the wonderful jeggings idea.

Reason 2: Choosing the fabric
As you have already seen in stores, there are two types of jeggings, one made of spandex and others of cotton. Both fabrics are dyed to look like jeans.

Reason 3: Pockets
The main drawback of leggings was the lack of pockets, well jeggings solved that problem too. Those cotton made jeggings usually have pockets on the back.


Women around the world as well as celebrities have tried it and I’m sure they have more than one in their wardrobe. They are so versatile that you can wear them any season and in any occasion.
What are you waiting for?

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