Accesories DO matter

Bags and accesories has always been part of our daily outfit. Some people care more about these kind of details than others. If you are part of the second group I can change your mind in this post. Accesories express more than you can expect. You don’t need to wear expensive clothing or think too… Read More Accesories DO matter

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Hear me roar!

This fall you won’t stop singing that Katy Perry song because leopard print is hot right now! Leopard print is very familiar to us, we have seen it in each and every last few decades used in different forms. You should denitively wear one peace of animal print to look sexy this season. In short,… Read More Hear me roar!

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Lots of Loafers

Loafers have been part of our lives from grandma to your mother and continue being present today. Now they are back in a wide range of styles, price, color and size. you can easily find a pair that suits your personality. In this article you’ll find info that will help you to buy the right… Read More Lots of Loafers